United Native American Society

Mission Statement

The United Native American Society seeks to educate the American Public on the current and past conditions of Native American Peoples.

Today, a crisis exists for the Native American population of the United States, including the indigenous people of Alaska. Native American Peoples of North America are fighting for their survival against continued encroachment by corporate America.

Native Americans are victimized by powerful transnational corporations centered in Washington D.C. who seek the ruthless exploitation and destruction of their lands, natural resources, and traditional values.

The U.S. Government’s neo-colonial policies in the affairs of Native Americans are in direct cooperation with corporate interests. This results in the attempts to challenge past agreed-upon Treaty negotiations and resulted in a protracted epidemic of unemployment, unacceptable social and economic deprivation— a history of social and cultural genocide.

The existing conditions are the result of racism and bigotry. These conditions of oppression are brought on by the U.S. Government and serve as a cover and pretext for the continued lucrative plunder of Indigenous lands, and resources.

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